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Justin Culina

Justin's hand-blown glass is a pure delight to behold, and as his "local" we are privileged to have a large selection of his one-off pieces, as well as an extensive range of platters and bowls. We love Justin's glorious and highly skillful work, and always enjoy his visits, not just because it's exciting to see what he unwraps, with a commentary on process and technique, but also because of his modest and unassuming manner. Justin's focus on form creates flowing platters and perfectly balanced vases, both decorative and functional and rich with colour. His masterful use of classical Italian techniques such as reticello, roll-up, incalmo and filigree in contemporary forms make his work extraordinary and unique. To watch Justin blowing is a test of nerves as he appears to push the glass to it's limits - when he gives his platters that final shake to create those sinuous curves it is breathtaking and thrilling, and you can only marvel at the fact that it didn't end up on the studio floor!

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