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Robyn Kunin

Robyn discovered clay while teaching art classes for children, and it soon became a consuming passion as gradually her teaching gave way to a new career as a ceramic artist. Robyn's work has evolved over time, but she still handmakes every piece, and her enthusiasm and joy for working with clay is apparent.  Her work is often decorated with impressions from textured surfaces, including retro hand-worked embroidery and lace, ferns or leaves. A particular favourite is her Koru series, the sinuous fronds  embrace the form, the deep glowing green glaze redolent of it's bush origins.  Colour plays a large part in defining Robyn's work, from the brightly hued to the muted, and says "each glaze-like piece is unique and a humble tribute to the natural landscape which surrounds me.I feel privileged and fortunate to be able to live this life creating small objects of beauty for others to enjoy." 

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