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Glass Blowing

Walk through Burning Issues Gallery and in the adjacent hot glass studio visitors can watch glass artists engaged in the intriguing process of hand blowing glass.

The studio is run by Keith Grinter, with his "gaffer" , or chief glassblower, Brendon Sole. Brendon moved to Whangarei from New Zealand Glassworks in Whanganui in 2020, and is now the principal demonstrator and takes the glass blowing workshops. An extensive range of work by both Keith and Brendon  is available in the gallery, and both Keith and Brendon blow the Grinter Glass glassware range.
The studio is also hired by other glass blowers, including Rebecca Heap who does all of her glass blowing there, so is a regular in the studio. 

There is a viewing platform between the gallery and the studio so visitors can get a good view of the process. But be warned - it can get very hot in summer!

For any enquiries about glass blowing please contact Keith on

027 255 8727 or email

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