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Tom Somerville

Tom is a relative newcomer to pottery, having been bitten by the bug in 2016, but his work shows a flair for design and glazing and a proficiency that transforms into vibrant eye-catching pieces. His delicate, pretty Hibiscus bowls have been very popular since the day he first brought them in, and his "Spaghetti" series are a labour of love - the careful placing of each bead is meticulous.  His Fish and Mermaid series are appealing and whimsical. Tom says when he discovered the joys of working with clay he "was taken with the idea that anyone could take a bit of mud, fashion it into something, cook it, and hey presto! there you have it. The fun thing is what to do with that mud! I realised I wanted to make stuff that people would cherish and would add a bit of art into their lives". As indeed he does. It's SO hard when he brings in new work not to add another one to the collection at home!

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