Keith Grinter

Keith runs the hot glass studio adjacent to the gallery and can be seen blowing there. Since taking over the studio from Keith Mahy in 2013 Keith has been developing his glass blowing skills, focusing on the shard pick-up technique, which Keith Mahy used, where coloured glass shards or chips are "picked up"  or rolled into the molten glass in the initial stages of blowing. The glass is then blown into shape, and the shards of colour create a painterly effect on the surface of the glass. Keith also has an intermittent series of hand painted works, a difficult technique where the cold glass is hand painted and then blown into shape - it's proved a tricky one to perfect, but when successful creates a stunning luminescent piece, reminiscent of Modernist painting.

64 9 438 3108

8 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  New Zealand

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