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Graham Ambrose

Graham is best known for his "sunglaze" series of pots, glorious glowing vessels and orbs that are sought after by collectors, but recently Graham has departed from his previous ceramics and has been making pieces that are much looser and fired in a pit or raku kiln, providing a break from the more controlled requirements of his larger highly glazed works. Graham's design aesthetic is that of a modernist and this is evident in his work. Graham’s primary interest is in creating minimalist forms, using mostly stoneware clay and bright earthenware glazes. His determination to produce aesthetically satisfying pots drives his ambition to control the ceramic process. However Graham has learned that, unlike wood, clay takes on an impetuous life of its own. A master potter once warned him that after taking meticulous notes and maintaining the most stringent precautionary regime, all his pots would be transformed by the whim of the fire gods. To his joy and sometimes his dismay, Graham has found this to be an absolute truth.

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