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Brendon Sole

Brendon is now one of the glass artists working in the hot shop adjacent to the gallery, where he can be seen blowing glass most days. In 2020 Brendon moved  from the glass studio in Whanganui to become the “gaffer” or chief glassblower for Keith Grinter who runs the adjacent studio . Brendon is the principle demonstrator, and can be seen blowing most days. His demonstrations are intriguing, informative and skilful. He also takes the glass blowing workshops and is such an outstanding and experienced tutor, we have seen some amazing results from novice blowers.
We love the deceptive appearance of Brendon's Starry Night bowls  - the ceramic-like exterior juxtaposed with the intense gleaming interior. And his playful cars and planes are just a delight!  
Brendon discovered hot glass in 2002 when studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Wanganui and was so taken with the medium, its immediacy of creation and almost limitless design potential, that he decided to study glass full time. Brendon graduated three years later with a glass diploma specialising in hot glass processes and off-hand glass blowing techniques. 
Brendon's work revolves around patterns and motifs present in nature in New Zealand. “Paua patterns, flowing wave forms, clear starry night skies and bark textures are but a few of the things that inspire my work”.

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