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Shona Firman

Shona, being the founder of the gallery, is not only our longest-standing artist, but pivotal to the gallery. We are very proud to carry a range of Shona's work, from her magnificent larger works to the quirky smaller pieces. Shona works with cast glass, creating stunningly beautiful artworks that are both spiritual and symbolic.  Each one is made using the centuries old lost wax technique, and the mould destroyed when the glass is released from it. Shona's significant larger works are in public and private collections around the world. At a time in her life when many people are "winding down", Shona is still constantly creating things and it is this attitude, and her unrivalled generosity of spirit that we so admire. Her sense of humour shines through much of her work, particularly her Jessie range, named in honour of her grandaughter who as a four year old drew a picture and asked Nana to make it for her in glass. Of course Shona did just that, and the Jessie House was born. They are still loved 20 years later. 
"We all paddle our own canoe through life, and its a different journey for each of us, but basically its the same canoe".

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