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Mishka Patterson

Mishka  is one of the glass artists based in the studio adjacent to our gallery. He studied a Craft and Design course at Unitech, Auckland, where he workshopped with Rob Hooper in hot glass blowing. He subsequently trained as a glass blower at Garry Nash’s Sunbeam Glassworks with Ann Robinson, then worked as a hot glass assistant for Peter Viesnik both here in the studio and then at Peter’s studio in Auckland. On moving to Australia Mishka worked as an assistant glass blower for Mike Hook and Keith Rowe. He was then employed as a glass lead lighter in Auckland with Dermott Kelly, and in 2018 recommenced hot glass blowing here in Whangarei.

Mishka draws his inspiration from our environment and the natural forms of plants and landscapes. He is also influenced by his ongoing study of art history, painting, sculpture and vessels.

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