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David Traub

We feel privileged to have David's unique and vibrant platters in the gallery, their rich rainbow hues are striking and the painstaking process of creation evident. David's platters are an ongoing series that he started in 2002, which have evolved into a body of work in which each piece is a unique one-off. They are created through a time-consuming and complex process beginning with blowing glass canes which are used to construct the platters, which are then fired, cold worked and fired again in a slump mould for the final shape. 
David was born and raised in New York, and trained in ceramics before discovering glass in 1973, relocating to the UK in 1984 to pursue his Masters degree and emigrating to New Zealand in 1995 to head the glass programme at Whanganui Polytechnic. David now works from his studio in Whanganui where he continues his love of teaching with small workshops. His passion for glass has spanned a career that has seen his work exhibited around the world and selected for numerous publications.

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