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Rebecca Heap

Rebecca is one of the glass artists that can be regularly seen working in the studio adjacent to the gallery. She is amazing to watch, always working on more than one piece at a time, (is this having several irons in the fire?) but always calm and efficient - even in all that heat! Rebecca's five years spent post graduation working in Sweden is apparent in her work that reflects the rich colours of our country with the skills and tradition she acquired in Scandinavia. Her works are often small pieces of perfection that glow with colour in a perfect form. Rebecca's Double Bubbles and Geodes are an optical illusion utilising light and colour in a difficult Swedish overlay technique that requires perfect timing and skill; the Ice Vases show her science background as she recreates the traditional method done outdoors in Sweden here in NZ without snow or ice; her Anemones are a reflection of Rebecca herself - cheerful and fun. We could watch Rebecca for hours - her expertise and mastery of the many facets of glass blowing combine with her artistry and refined touch to create distinctive, beautiful art objects.

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