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Calina Goffe

Carlina has been a working designer silver smith for more than three decades, and the gallery carries an extensive range of her jewellery.  She trained in London in the 1970's in Contemporary Design and Traditional Silver and Jewellery making techniques.

Carlina’s designs have been broadly derived from a number of sources but her inspiration is mainly environmental - organic plant and human shapes. Life drawing at art school and dance styles worked their magic on her imagination and she was drawn to early 20th century art for its expressive and primitive qualities. When she arrived in New Zealand however her work evolved. The extraordinary natural beauty of her adopted country and the rich European and Maori cultural mix has impacted on her later works. Her work is often characterised by soft curved, spiral and fluid shapes and the 

application of ancient techniques used in silversmithing and jewellery making are central to her practice, giving her jewellery a distinctive, hand formed authenticity.
Not all of Carlina's work is depicted here, we have a range of one-off pieces - please ask for photos of our current stock. 

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