Bevan Taka

Bevan is one of our glass artists who studied under Keith Mahy at Northtec Polytechnic and then worked with him in the glass studio here before spending several years working with Garry Nash at Sunbeam Studios. Bevan then travelled to Europe, eventually settling in Sweden, where he has been for fifteen years, producing work for exhibitions, private collectors and galleries throughout the country. We are proud to be the only gallery in New Zealand to exhibit Bevan's work, and were lucky enough to watch him at work in the hot glass studio next door - his mastery of molten glass was amazing to watch. Bevan is influenced by the works of both Italian and Scandinavian glass makers. They are both steeped in the tradition of glass making and therefore have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to draw from. His main goal however is infusing this influence with that of his cultural heritage, a unique prospect for both Maori culture and the world glass art scene.

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8 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  New Zealand

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