Welcome to Burning Issues Gallery, Town Basin, Whangarei

Paua Sputniks by Brian Adams Red Eclipse Platter, Cone Pot and Orb by Graham Ambrose Large Orb by Graham Ambrose Lustre Shard Vase by Mahy Glass Slumped Glass Plate by Shane Gregory Purple incised vase by Garry Nash Crackle vase by Garry Nash Vessel by Ande Barrett-Hegan Stoneware vase by Greg Barron Dream Girl by Jin Ling Spring Onion Man by Rebecca Shawyer (sold) Red Hair Lady by Rebecca Shawyer (sold) Tall Blue hat man by Rebecca Shawyer (sold) Paua & sterling silver brooch by William McDowell 4 Koru pendant by William McDowell Green Glass Bead Necklace by Lisa West Copper Kiwi by Rustic Twist Cave weta male by Ken Auton Tree weta female by Ken Auton Poor Knights Islands by Steve Moase Whale pendant By Len kay Engraved Black Oyster shell pendants by Michael Steinmetz Black Oyster Shell Hook pendants By Michael Steinmetz 9ct gold band rings by Gavan Riley Lily rings by Gavan Riley Waterlily Ring by Gavan Riley Gold and sterling silver opal rings by Hana Ott Stg silver and Opal necklace by Hana Ott Free form sterling  silver and Paua pendants and ring by Julie Pijfers Rings by Maggie Churcher Copper flax pendant by Maggie Churcher Flax pendant by Maggie Churcher Kina Pendant by Maggie Churcher Engraved pearl pendant by Michael Steinmetz Silver necklaces by Justin Fergusson Pebble necklace  Maike Bartelres Pounamu Necklace By Gavan Riley Bee-loved necklace by Gavan Riley Bee-loved necklace (detail) by Gavan Riley Sprite By Rebecca Shawyer Bird Tree, Pohutukawa Tree by Shona Firman Detail of Rainbow roll up bowl by Justin Culina Blue Shell bowl by Justin Culina Shell bowl by Justin Culina Roll up bowl by Justin Culina multi media ceramic figure by Jan Lorraine Ceramic figures by Jan Lorraine Multi media ceramic figure by Jan Lorraine Crazy house by Carol Robinson A state of mind, Taking the plunge by Norah Shayeb A State of Mind, Accepting the challenge by Norah Shayeb Selection of fern rings by Gavan Riley Small (35cm wide) copper pohutkawa wall sculpture by Sue Willis Large (105cm wide) Copper Pohutukawa  sculpture by Sue Willis Spirit Vase by Justin Culina Green spirit vase by Justin Culina Zig zag swirl bowl by Justin Culina 3 lilies by Akke Tiermersma Zebra Pot by Ande Barrett Hegan Kina by Jin Ling Vessel 2 line series by Mark Mitchell Vessel 1 Line series by Mark Mitchell vessel by Mark Mitchell Detail of Imaginary Friend Oscar Granite Geodes approx 12x10cm approx $250.00-$320.00 Gravy Boat $2,850.00 Blown/cut glass bowl 16x22cm $620.00 The Offering 44cm high $655.00 The Runner blown painted glass 33cm $1,250.00 Perpetual Dance blown painted glass 33cm $1,250.00 Downhill from Here blown painted glass 29cm $1,250 Small ceramic Kina $95.00-$115.00 larger ones availble also Earth Sea Sky 3 piece wall sculpture 60cm $305.00 set Keeler Ceramic, carved wood 48cmx50cm $525.00 Jump for Joy, Power of One, High Five. Bronze on stone Death Of St FRancis. Blown painted glass $1,250.00 Saffron Orb by Greg Swinburne $640.00 Wood Fired Faceted Jar by Greg Barron 29x20cm $470.00  Wood Fired Medieval Jug by Greg Barron 34x18cm $420.00 Lustre Vase By Garry Nash 17x16cm $285.00 Orange speckle vase by Garry Nash 24x19cm $285. Blue Lace vase By Garry Nash 23x13cm $370.00 Blue Crakle vase by Garry Nash 17x16cm $345.00 Black & Rosa Incalmo vase byJustin Culina 37x18cm $440.00 Black & White Incalmo vase byJustin Culina 45x18cm $580.00  Teapot by Brendan Adams  $175.00

Welcome to Burning Issues Gallery

BURNING ISSUES GALLERY specializes in contemporary New Zealand handcrafted glass, ceramics, jewellery and sculpture.

We also stock selected high quality turned wood pieces and contemporary paintings and prints by local artists. We take pride in promoting the work of Northland artists and craft people.

We open our doors 7 days a week 10 am to 5 pm.

We ship worldwide, always taking great care to pack to the highest standard. We are happy to gift wrap any piece you purchase and also stock a small range of cards to include with your special gift.