Hana Ott

Hana is a local jeweller whose distinctive marine-themed work always attracts attention and comment, and a fan base who appreciate the sculptural quality of her work. Hana works predominantly with precious metals and opals, each stone determining the design and flow of the piece.  Hana says: " Each Piece is original – alone! Existing only once – like each of us. I love nature and the creatures in it, I love the sea and the secret of it, I love the pattern of the rocks beside the ocean, the lonely steps in the sand, the movement of wings on stingrays and birds. I love the voice and smell of the sea, caves and bush, I love the simple things of the world. My work is about nature, love, feelings, ecology, saving the base where we came from. My pieces are not typical of most jewellery, they are more - wearable, sculptural images. I come originally from Bohemian Prague where art is all around – coloured by the sound of classical music, but nowhere near the sea."

64 9 438 3108

8 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  New Zealand

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