Gavan Riley

Gavan's unique, intricate and stunning jewellery combines the skills of sculpting and jewellery-making to recreate flora and fauna. Each piece is hand-carved and then using the centuries old tradition of lost-wax is cast in silver or gold. Gavan's jewellery is collected around the world. Beware - it is highly addictive!
NB: Gavan has officially retired, so is no longer making special orders. What is listed here is all we have left. We will endeavour to remove the pieces as they sell. Occasionally we are very lucky to get a few new pieces from Gavan which will be listed at the top of this page. 
Wow! what an amazing surprise - Gavan has just dropped off the new pieces on the 4 top lines. 
He said he had found a few more stones in his studio that inspired him, and made a few more pieces while he was at it. SO exciting!!


64 9 438 3108

8 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  New Zealand

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