Brian Adam

Brian is another of the Fingers Collective, training first as a designer in the late 60s, when jewellery artist training did not exist. He first worked with his wife Ruth Baird, then with Warwick Freeman in the early 80s. Ruth and Brian now work in a studio they built themselves behind their house in the bush. Brian says "I am a jeweller with an eye for fun. Spectacles are one of the most interesting areas of body adornment for me, and the most humorous, my earrings and rings are also quite light-hearted. My methods of designing are melting, alloying, forging, folding, chasing, grinding, scratching, sawing, brazing and riveting. Really, I design on the go - on my feet and moving around - from the torch to the anvil to the bench-pin."

64 9 438 3108

8 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  New Zealand

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